Putting a game together

One disadvantage of games in electronic formats is that you have to print them out yourself. This makes for some advantages, however: you can print out another when you accidentally spill Coke on it, you can print a copy for every room in the house, and so on.

File format

Components for most games are provided in PDF format. Many programs are available for reading PDF's, but the most common is Adobe's Acrobat Reader. You can get it for free.

Printing cards

You can print cards on paper, of course, but you probably want something sturdier. There are several things you can do. There are several options, each with pros and cons.

Printing game boards

A game board is not handled as much as cards and doesn't go bad if its back is marked, so it can be printed out on ordinary paper. If you hanker for something stiffer, you can put it under glass, tape it to a tabletop, or glue it to poster board.

Boards larger than a single sheet usually require some assembly.