Who... who? [who?]
Bogurook Gunar Sejenscevich


Bogurook was touched by the goddess at a very young age. Most folks say he hasn't been quite right since. He says that charity from the damned is a brand upon the ass of the righteous.

John, a fellow gamer, bought me this owl doll (right) because it has a very Bogurook-y expression. I added the hat and cape to complete the effect and perched him on the speaker in my living room.

[Savka hides during combat.]

Bogurook's best friend was a prairie dog tax collector named Savka. After being attacked by mystic, scarf-wielding huntsmen, Savka lay dying. Bogurook asked if he had any last words. Savka muttered in reply, "I'll think about it," and shuffled of his mortal coil.