The Attribute Auction

The point value of attributes in Amber is decided by an auction. After two near-misses, we finally gathered all the players in one place and held the auction. The outcome is below.


rank value bidder
1st 32 Katsushiro
2nd 21 Ferris
3rd 10 McSweet
4th 8 Maris
5th 4 Ambrosia
6th 2 Jerome


rank value bidder
1st 70 McSweet
2nd 63 Ferris
3rd 15 Katsushiro, Maris


rank value bidder
1st 20 Ambrosia
2nd 12 Jerome
3rd 3 Maris
4th 2 Katsushiro


rank value bidder
1st 27 Jerome
2nd 26 Maris
3rd 24 Ambrosia
4th 11 Katsushiro
5th 3 Ferris
6th 1 McSweet