P.D. Magnus (research)

Philosophy of Science in the Twenty-First Century

This was written for a telematic symposium on developments in philosophy which was held between UAlbany and Moscow State University in February 2009. It was originally published in Russian (2010) and subsequently in English (2013).

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Philosophy of science in the past half century can be seen as a reaction against logical empiricism's focus on modern logic as the format in which debates should be expressed and on physics as the canonical science. These reactions have resulted in a fragmentation of the field. Although this provides ways forward for disparate philosophies of various sciences, it threatens the very possibility of general philosophy of science. The debate that most obviously continues to be conducted at the general level— the debate about scientific realism— only does so because of a dangerous naïveté. Nevertheless, this article suggests that there is a place for general work not by starting at the highest level of abstraction but instead by abstracting general lessons from actual science.


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