Outsider spirits for Spirit Island

Spirit Island is a brilliant cooperative game by R. Eric Reuss which turns the usual colonize-an-island schtick on its head. The players are spirits of the island itself, struggling to throw out the colonial invaders. Save the island, you win. Let the island be overcome by invaders and blight, you lose.

The published spirits are primal powers like Lightning's Swift Strike and River Surges in Sunlight. When all the primal forces have gotten too big to act at the scale of human concerns, who else can the weary natives turn to? These custom spirits are all peculiar outsiders, but maybe they'll be up to the task.

spirit board

Dank Weed Breeds Sloth

Generations ago, the Dahan discovered a spirit of vegetal rest deep in the jungle. Weed moved out of the trees and now barely remembers the fierce ways of the jungle. As some Dahan adopted its ways, it grew more connected to theirs.

Now Dank Weed is trying to relate to the Invaders the way it relates to the Dahan. This isn't obviously the most effective thing to do.

Some of the other spirits worry that Dank Weed will be no help against the current threat. But that's just their opinion, man.

PLAY STYLE: Chill out invaders and let nature take its course

spirit board

Shimmering Traces of Madness

When the Dahan first came to the island, some stumbled sideways onto paths that led to Shimmering Traces of Madness and were consumed. The other spirits warned the Dahan away from the doors which open onto its realm so, for centuries, it has been quiescent. Now, the newcomers do not know what to avoid and where not to go.

Across a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity, in a place that is neither the island nor entirely not the island, Shimmering Traces rotates slightly faster on its axis. Although the other spirits are worried to see it reach out into their world in this way, they are happy to see it lure invaders to madness and doom.

PLAY STYLE: Drive invaders mad, applying the effect of leftover Fear cards

spirit board

Simplicity Deals With Things Directly

When a spirit's sacred sites are disrupted and its presence mostly destroyed, it can no longer be what it was. Bereft of its domain and its aspect, it forgets the distinctiveness that made it subtle and complex.

Simplicity thinks that it is from a possible future when the Dahan have sovereign rights over the island. It dreams of aluminum cabinet fronts with soft-close hinges and programmed skylights which open just before dawn, but somehow it is here in a time of fire and war.

It observes the other spirits and notices that they move things, destroy things, and defend. So that's what it is going to do.

PLAY STYLE: Attack, defend, and move things around so as to attack or defend them