The Proxy Suits Deck

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"All the suits from ape to zoot."

This is a straight forward deck of card with sixteen ranks (0 to 15) and six suits (red ape, grey business, orange hazmat, purple space, blue wet, and green zoot). There is also a sixth suit (yellow armour) which has no ranks and can be used as dummies or jokers.

What it does

The history of playing cards has mostly been a matter ranked cards in each of several suits. The standard 52-card deck is the most familiar version, but lots of commercial games follow the same structure. They just replace Clubs and Queens with explorers, rhinos, dwarves, or the colour blue.

The Proxy Suits deck gives you the ranks and suits to follow your muse, to quickly prototype the great game that is lodged in the back of your brain. If not in your brain, then in your pancreas. Or wherever it is that great games get lodged. It is a medical imperative to playtest that game and get it out.

The deck helps you do that by giving you the old reliable scaffold of suits and ranks. All of the cards have ample white space, so that you can scribble labels and instructions to suit the needs of your game. You can worry about fitting in the dwarves and rhinos later.

Where to get it

Decks are available print-on-demand from The Game Crafter and from DriveThru Cards for $11.99.