Introduction to Logic

Philosophy 210

Fall 2008, TuTh 1:15-2:35

Room: LC-23

Professor:   P.D. Magnus

Campus phone: x2-4251

Office hours: W 11:00-noon, Th 2:45-3:45, and by appointment in HU-258B

TA:   Wes McMichael

Campus phone: x2-4257

Office hours Tu 10:00-11:00 (HU-255), Fri 1:00-2:00, and by appointment


The text for the course, forall x, is available at the bookstore and at Maryjane's.

There will be six short quizzes throughout the term. Quizzes will be handed out in class. Students are responsible for completing quizzes and handing them in on or before the meeting indicated.

30% Quizzes

30% Midterm exam

40% Final exam

If students can find a substantive error in the textbook, then they are encouraged to point it out to the professor. The first student to report any particular error will receive a bonus equal to 1 point on a midterm exam.


No make-up exams or quizzes will be permitted without a documented medical excuse. Students who miss an exam with a legitimate excuse should e-mail me as soon as possible.

Cheating will not be tolerated.

Logic sits on the cusp of humanistic and formal disciplines. As such, this course may be used to fulfill the general education requirement for Humanities or for Mathematics. For more about General Education courses, see


The schedule of topics is an approximation, but the dates of quizzes and exams will not change.

Tu aug26
Introduction (ch 1)
Th aug28
Sentential logic (2.1-2.2)
Tu sep02
continued (2.3-2.4)
Th sep04

QUIZ 1 handed out

Tu sep09
Truth tables (ch 3)

QUIZ 1 collected

Th sep11
Tu sep16
Quantified logic (4.1)
Th sep18
QL (4.2)

QUIZ 2 handed out

Tu sep23
QL (4.3)

QUIZ 2 collected

Th sep25
QL (4.4)
Tu sep30
Th oct02
QL (4.5)

QUIZ 3 handed out

Tu oct07
QL (4.6)

QUIZ 3 collected

Th oct09
Tu oct14
Th oct16
Tu oct21
Formal semantics (5.1)
Th oct23
Models (5.2)

QUIZ 4 handed out

Tu oct28
more models (5.3-5.4)

QUIZ 4 collected

Th oct30
more models (5.5)
Tu nov04
Proofs (6.1)
Th nov06
Derived rules (6.2)

QUIZ 5 handed out

Tu nov11
Proof strategy (6.6-6.7)

QUIZ 5 collected

Th nov13
more proofs
Tu nov18
Proofs in QL (6.4)
Th nov20
more proofs

QUIZ 6 handed out

Tu nov25
more proofs

QUIZ 6 collected

Th nov27
Tu dec02
Proofs meet semantics (6.8-6.9)
Th dec05